Photomax Library

Photomax aquarium picture library has made waves since its inception in 1990.

With the arrival of the digital world, development of the library has surged ahead vigorously with vast ongoing investment in new technology, we now have a online delivery system for our images. A number of them are available for download within a short period after we have received payment for the use .

Photomax is one of the world’s largest stock image banks for aquarium fish, and associated subjects.

On this website you will find the majority of the Photomax collection. It is easy to use, with a powerful search facility. You can search from the Latin name list by “Family” and “Genus”. You can also search from the keyword search that contains: common name, Latin name - Family Genus & species and other relevant descriptive words. If you dont find what you are looking for it is worth to try one word leaving off the last 3 or 4 letters, if you still have a problem locating the image please contact us, so we can help

Photomax is continually adding to the collection.

marine fish

The marine fish images are composed of a wide range of tropical species, largely from the Indo-Pacific, Caribbean, and Red Sea regions. A lesser number of temperate species are included. Although the bulk of the images represent coral fish species usually available to the aquarium hobby, there are also some species of sharks, rays, and other marine spectaculars not normally found in aquarium culture.


The tropical freshwater files cover a very wide spectrum of the species regularly available to the aquarium hobby as well as some rare appearances. Temperate and coldwater species are also featured, with a large collection concentrated on the many fancy goldfish varieties. New arrivals to the hobby are available from the parent business, The Goldfish Bowl aquarium centre, for quick inclusion in the files.


Mainly exotic marine invertebrate images are available from Photomax, but with some freshwater too. The scope of tropical marine invertebrates is already very comprehensive, and continues to be added to as more fascinating images are encountered during regular underwater safaris. Some of the planets most deadly creatures, and some of the most strangely weird ones too, are featured in the invertebrate files.




A more recent activity within the library has been the addition of underwater pictures from SCUBA diving safaris. This has brought coral reef vistas, many new fish species (including undescribed fish new to science), and an amazing collection of often weird invertebrates, into the overall collection of library images. Topside views of exotic white sand beaches also come as a spin-off from this activity.







plants and aquascapes

Images of aquatic plants are in constant demand, and form another important set of images from Photomax. Aquarium hobby books and magazines almost invariably feature some pictures and information about aquatic plants. They also frequently call for pictures of aquariums fully planted around tasteful decor. Marine aquarium set-ups feature corals and other invertebrate life lavishly presented.





diseases & breeding

The images of fish diseases is one of the most used files of Photomax, and is added to whenever the opportunity presents itself. Most books on the aquarium hobby and the specialist magazines catering to the needs of the hobby feature chapters or articles on this subject, and the demand is accordingly high. Breeding sequences and behaviour images are yet more specialised pictures in constant demand.